Meet Us



Erik was born in Clearwater, Florida and has been around water his entire life. He has competed in numerous triathlons where swims have taken place in various bodies of water from oceans, to rivers, lakes and pools.

Erik graduated from Warner University in 2008 with degrees in both Business Management & Business Marketing with a minor in Economics. He has a great understanding of business operation and client satisfaction. Erik is dedicated to improving the honesty and integrity of the pool service industry. 

Erik founded Chlorine King Pool Service in 2016. He also acquired his C.P.O. certification in 2016 and earned his State of Florida Certified Pool and Spa Contractor License, CPC1458983, in 2017. 

Brother-In-Law to Erik, Jim has a real passion for helping people and can relate to anyone. Throughout the years he has headed several groups created to help others succeed in life. He believes in people and enjoys making them happy.

Prior to Chlorine King, Jim worked in landscaping where he trimmed trees and manicured lawns. He understands the detail and thoroughness needed to complete the job for clients.

Jim started working for Chlorine King in 2017 and is a strong asset. He takes pride in every pool he cleans. He’s dedicated, thorough and takes the time to do whatever needs to be done to make sure your pool is cleaned right.



Savannah is Erik’s wife. She is determined to be the very best at whatever she does and excels in anything she puts her mind to.

Savannah had a very fruitful gymnastics career as a junior, but her passion has always been customer satisfaction and helping others excel in life. She grew up in Tampa and graduated from Jefferson High School then went off to Johnson and Wales University. She earned her bachelors in Sports Entertainment & Event Management and went on to earn her Masters in Hospitality Marketing.

Savannah is now applying all of her skills to help make Chlorine King Pool service a successful and reputable company. She will use her passion and drive for helping others to take care of all your pool service needs. 

Miranda is the newest addition to the Chlorine King family. She used to do industrial work such as climbing into boilers and cleaning them out. Looking for something new, something with fun in the sun she found Chlorine King. She decided pools are the ticket and enjoys being around them each day. 

She relocated from Alabama for a fresh start and we’re happy to have her on the team. She enjoys hanging out with her friends on her time off and loves listening to music! Even Chlorine King music! 



Patrick joined our team as our field manager after deciding he wanted to manage a well established team. He owned his own pool company, formerly “Pool Guys of Pinellas,” and brought his client base over to Chlorine King. I have known him personally for years. He so happen to approach me right at the same time I was looking for a field manager. It was truly a “no brainer.” 

He is a USMC combat vet, father of two and said he’s been in the pool business for far too long, haha. He was born in Texas and enjoys being around pools. He is also an avid golfer. 

When I asked him for a quote from him, his response was, “I’m not good at this.” So there you have it! 

Ian joined the team in 2019 thanks to a referral from a good friend in the pool industry. It didn’t take long to see what an asset he would bring to the team with his desire to and grow in the pool industry. Ian is ambitious and always looking for more ways to make the company better.

He started as a pool technician and was quickly molded into a solid and reliable repair technician. When your pump breaks or filter develops a leak you will probably see Ian arrive to fix the challenge.

Ian enjoys hanging out with his friends and having a good time. He lives at the gym and loves taking his dogs out to the park to relax.  



Tiffany has been a long time friend of mine (15+ years) and wanted to change lanes to a new career path. When you call Chlorine King, she is the one you’ll be talking with. She enjoys customer service and makes our team run like a well-oiled machine. She graduated with a Bachelors of Art in Psychology from USF and achieved her Masters of Science in Counseling and Psychology from Troy University. 

Tiffany has grown fond of the pool industry and enjoys learning everything she can about it. She is a great asset to the team and is constantly improving the operations to deliver a more quality customer service to each of our clients. 

She enjoys going out and having fun in the sun. She enjoys working out, doing stand up paddle board and taking her dog Tess to the dog park. She is also now Chlorine King’s personal chef (she really knows how to cook). 

Keiki is back on the Chlorine King team, finally!! She wanted to try something different but knew her home was with Chlorine King. She has several years of experience with cleaning pools and truly loves what she does. 

When she’s not cleaning pools she enjoys adventuring with her daughter and being outdoors. She loves animals, going to the beach, listening to music and spending time with her family. She loves comedy, eating and sleeping! Who doesn’t love sleep! If you see her out cleaning your pool you can relax knowing you’re in great care! 



Dusten joined the Chlorine King family to start a new career path that got him out of the food industry. He was a manager of a couple of different food establishments and wanted to get back out in the fresh air.

He also worked in the lawn and landscaping industry for over five years so he is very acclimated to the Florida weather. He is excited to call Chlorine King his home and we are just as excited to have him part of our family. He is a tremendous asset to Chlorine King.

In his off time he dedicates his time to his family. He also enjoys hobbies such as video games, anime movies along with working on cars. 

Joseph is an ambitious guy who hails from the Mile High city. Graduate of Colorado State University, attaining bachelor degrees in both wildlife biology and turf management. Also a 6 year U.S.A.F veteran. He somehow acquired the nickname “The Colorado Kid”, not sure how, but it stuck with him through the years. 

He is a highly motivated individual with a great personality who loves his job, and helping out my fellow comrades. I enjoy camping, fishing, concerts, etc. He has been a huge baseball fan his entire life. His uncle Joe played with the Brooklyn Dodgers playing with the likes of Tommy Lasorda, Don Zimmer, and the infamous Jackie Robinson.  

He has an open mind and loves to learn. He says he is very proud to be a part of the Chlorine King team and look forward to growing with the team. “Perfection is unattainable, though if we pursue perfection we will attain excellence” – Joseph 



Chris joined the Chlorine King team when he realized he wanted to do something more consistent and outside. He was a referral and friend of one of our team members; Dusten. 

Chris says he’s a simple and normal guy that enjoys the outdoors, working out, shooting and spending time with his wonderful daughter.

He is a people person, loves customer service so make sure you say hi next time he is in your backyard! Chris loves what he does and will do what it takes to make you happy! 

Justin came to the Chlorine King family after moving back to his home town in Pinellas County. He is cousins with Dusten, another team member of ours. He came from an extensive history of management in the food industry and decided he wanted to spend some more time outside servicing your pools. 

He comes from a long line of hard-working outdoorsmen, and has always enjoyed spending time by the water. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family and exploring nearby bodies of water through hikes, kayaking and paddle boarding! He also enjoys getting together with friends and playing board games that challenge him.  

Rest assured if Justin is taking care of your pool you are in great hands! 


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