Product Review: Sweep Ease Pool Brush

The Sweep Ease brush is a solid upgrade to your standard nylon brush. Read below to discover how!

Brushing can be physically taxing and make you tired. In some cases make you sore the next day if you clean enough pools. Brushing one pool isn’t a big deal. Doing 15-18 pools a day can wear out even the most physically fit people. That’s where Sweep Ease came into the picture. It is designed to allow the brushing of a pool with less effort. It has a foil design which puts your pool water to work for you. As you brush your pool the design of the brush uses the water to push, or stick, the brush against whatever your brushing.

Sweep Ease claims that it adds an extra 5-10 pounds of force to your brushing which in turn allows you to brush your entire pool with 1 arm. It is an improvement. A nice thing about the brush is pulling the brush up for the next stroke feels as normal as any other standard brush. It was not a worry if would push nicely. It was more of a worry that the pull portion of the stroke would be goofy and cumbersome, but it’s not! Great job Sweep Ease!

The construction of the brush is top notch. I’ve used the brush for well over a month now and have not noticed any degradation of the brush (except where the plaster rubbed away plastic on the edges (which happens with any brush)) and the bristles have stayed in tact. It is composed of a strong & durable plastic with a metal reinforcement where the pool attaches to the brush.

Does it work as advertised? Yeas, it does. Is it a night and day difference? Not quite. Does it help with the pool brushing? Absolutely! I think where this product shines is for pool service companies where the user is doing a dozen or more pools a day. All the energy saved up over the course of 8-10 hours really eliminates you dragging the last few pools of the day. If you are a homeowner and only cleaning your pool then it’s certainly a nice upgrade but doesn’t give a “WOW” factor for energy saved.

Sweep Ease is a great product to own and will give you several years of successful service!

Price: **

Ease of use: *****

Construction quality: *****

Effectiveness: ****

Chlorine King’s grade: ****1/2

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