Product Review: SGS Instruments Salt/TDS/Temp Meter

SGS Instruments Salt/TDS/Temp meter is a must have if you have a salt pool or are a service guy. It’s very accurate and you don’t ever need to calibrate it.

The first thing you’ll notice with this meter is the durable carry case. This will ensure that nothing bad happens to the meter in transit. Secondly, you’ll see there aren’t many buttons. There is a power button and mode button. That’s it.

Using the meter is very simple. I always put the meter into to the water before I turn it on. Make sure you submerge it far enough into the water where the black probe is completely under the water.

The default first mode is salt. Then you just hit the mode button to put it in TDS mode, and then one more time to get to temperature. Just repeat the process to cycle through the modes again.

A tip for using is to make sure you keep the prober vertical in the water and make sure that you don’t wiggle/move the probe around in the water. If you do that then you’ll see the readings on the meter fluctuate. So to get the most accurate reading, hold the probe vertical and steady.

Give the meter a try! I think you’ll find it very pleasing and accurate to use!

Price: ***

Ease of use: *****

Construction quality: *****

Effectiveness: *****

Chlorine King’s grade: *****




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