Product Review: Purity Pool Fine Mesh Leaf Rake

Purity Pool truly sets the bar when it comes to leaf rakes. What I’m reviewing here is the fine mesh version. They have several different models and coarseness in their nets. You can check them out on their website to see their entire line.

The first thing you notice about any of the Purity Pool brushes is the quality, and this model is no exception. You can visually see the metal frame throughout to provide years of service for you. It’s not going to break and can probably last hundreds of drops and times of accidentally stepping on it. It certainly is not flimsy at all.

It also has a very deep pocket that is reinforced. So you can handle some heavier debris with this net but I wouldn’t want to risk putting a hole in the fine mesh due to bigger debris. I also love to use their Red Barron which performs better with “storm cleanups.” The fine mesh in this net will leave the surface sparkling where others won’t. TIP: To save some time on your route, after you’re done doing the preliminary skim, walk over the the skimmer basket and dump the debris into this leaf rake. That will safe you a minute or two addressing it separately. You can do the same with the pump basket after you skim the surface for the last time.

Another thing I really like about this net is the leading edge of the net has a molded flange that allows you to easily pick things off the bottom of the pool. There isn’t a lot to elaborate here except to say that it is very well designed.

Price: *

Ease of use: *****

Construction quality: *****

Effectiveness: *****

Chlorine King’s grade: *****

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