Product Review: Aqua Comb Cartridge Cleaner

This is a must have tool if you own a cartridge filter and here’s why.

Remember the days of cleaning your filter element by removing it, sticking your thumb on the end of the garden hose and trying your very best to get your cartridge clean? Yea, I do to. However, there is a tool on the block that can make this tedious process so much easier and more efficient. It is called the Aqua Comb!

There are several great things about this tool.

  1. It has a ball valve built in to save water consumption when not directly in use.
  2. It has fingers that reach deep in the pleats to get out the most stubborn gunk like dog hair, built up oil, etc.
  3. It has several high pressure ports (3″ wide) to apply, strategically, high pressure water to aid in cleaning the pleats.
  4. If you clean the filter on a deck and/or pavers you can use it as a make shift high pressure sprayer to clean off the deck after use.

It cuts the time of cleaning the filter in half and it also does a much better job than your thumb on the end of the garden hose. For the median price of $20 it really is a great cost effective investment for maintaining your pool equipment. They also have several disciplines for the comb.

  1. Pool Aqua Comb
  2. Spa Aqua Comb
  3. Equine Aqua Comb
  4. Pet Aqua Comb

Here is a quick pic of it in action. It makes filter cleaning so much easier!


Give it a shot! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Price: *

Ease of use: *****

Construction quality: *****

Effectiveness: *****

Chlorine King’s grade: *****

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