Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Pool Service Company

A question I get a lot is “why should I hire a pool service company?” There are countless reasons for doing so, ranging from “I want to make sure my surface lasts as long as possible,” to “I’m just too lazy or don’t have the time to do it each week.” It doesn’t really matter whatever your reasoning is. If you’re ready to hire a pool service company, then it’s time. I made a video on YouTube talking about this very topic and I’d like to share my top 5 reasons for hiring a pool service company.


1 – Consistency is king! You need to stay on top of your pool regularly to keep your pool safe and healthy. If you don’t you may start growing algae, your chemistry will get out of balance which can cause premature surface wear, your equipment can prematurely wear out and so on and so forth. This is something a pool company should be taking care of for you. Preventative and consistent pool service that only a pool service company can provide.

As a sidebar, what I mean by a pool service company is a company that is quality. For everyone company that is quality, there are a hundred that aren’t. Verify them before you bring them to touch your expensive pool.


2 – Cleaning a pool is time consuming. My company can spend anywhere from 20-45 minutes to clean your pool. We are ultra-efficient with our cleaning and service methods because we do this day in and day out. If you don’t, you can spend anywhere from 1-2 hours per week cleaning and balancing your pool. A lot of people rather spend that time elsewhere and would much rather hire a pool service company to save that time each week.


3 – Pool store chemicals are expensive. The majority of the pool stores offer free water testing. They do that to lure you in. They run their tests and give you a printout of all the stuff you “need” in order to balance your pool. Often times these chemicals are very expensive and by the time you factor in all the costs and time with going up to the pool store each week, a pool service is cheaper.


4 – It can take longer to correct issues. What I mean by this the homeowner may not understand why they are getting algae in their pool. “I must not be putting enough chlorine into my pool.” So, they are dumping loads of chlorine in the pool. A pro would find that they probably don’t have enough stabilizer in their pool, and because of that the sun burns out the chlorine as quickly as it gets put in, thus algae growth. Sometimes it’s not that simple, but a pro will be able to correct issues much quicker, in most cases.


5 – Avoiding Catastrophic Failures. A qualified and quality pool company should help you avoid anything catastrophic that will result in having to purchase major equipment to keep the pool running. For instance, putting tablets in the skimmer is a big no no. It destroys the pump seals, heaters, and so on. If you are doing this please stop, you are causing your equipment to fail prematurely. A quality pool company will not do this.


I hope this blog helps. I also have a video on my YouTube channel going over the same topics if you wish to watch it in a video blog. Please see below! If you’d like us to check out your pool then contact us here and we’ll be happy to help!


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