Strong Chlorine Smell in Your Pool?

Remember the days of going swimming and thinking of how good that chlorine smell was in your clean pool? When I was younger I always thought that a high chlorine smell was a good thing. It made me think that pool was very clean and sanitary. I loved smelling like chlorine for hours after I went swimming. In my younger days, I felt my skin was being cleaned better than any shower would ever clean it. I even recall saying to myself that I didn’t need to shower because I went swimming that day. As the old adage goes I wish I knew then what I know now!

Learning a lot about water chemistry I found that a high chlorine smell isn’t a result of too much chlorine in your pool. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Actually, you need MORE chlorine. “What did he just say?” “Did he really say what I think he did?” Yea, I hear that a lot when I speak about this topic, but please bare with me.

The high chlorine smell is actually caused by chloramines which are a lot less powerful in sanitation than chlorine is. Chloramines are formed when the chlorine combines with organic matter. What is organic matter you ask? Some examples of organic matter are things such as sweat, urine, fecal matter, oils, makeup, sunblock, or really any foreign matter left behind by you once you get out of the pool. Once you have a combined chlorine reading of 0.6ppm or more than it’s time to super chlorinate, or shock, your pool water because your chlorine essentially has liquid hand cuffs and can’t do what it’s supposed to do.

So what you’re actually smelling when you smell that “chlorine” smell isn’t clean chlorine but it’s actually contaminated water by other people’s funk.

How many of you have seen those annoying signs by the pool that say, “Please shower before swimming”? Now you know why! You’re welcome! Haha.

If you have a pool that reeks of chlorine or have burning eyes after opening them under water you need to get your water balanced. I know of someone that could do that for you…

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