Pool Preparations For a Hurricane

Every time a hurricane comes around I receive questions about what should be done about their pool? So I’ve taken the time to compile a list of things that can help get your pool and its equipment through the storm! Please read below!

1. DRAIN YOUR POOL BUT DON’T GET CARRIED AWAY: Before the storm, if possible, drain your pool down to the middle of the skimmer. In most cases this can be achieved by extending your blue hose to your property line and opening the red valve located at the bottom of the pool filter or putting your DE/Sand filter into “waste” mode.  For further assistance send an email with a picture of your pool equipment to erik@chlorinekingpools.com 

2. TURN OFF POWER: Before the storm hits turn off the power to your pool equipment.  Variable speed pumps, controllers, salt system, ect… can be very sensitive to voltage spikes and power fluctuations.  You can turn off all the breakers in the outdoor pool Electrical panel or turn off the Circuit breaker that controls the Pool equipment, which would be located in the Garage of your home or in an outdoor Panel generally located where the power enters the home by your Meter.

3.  DO NOTHING DURING THE STORM: Do not attempt to drain water from your pool, Do not go for a midnight swim, Do not remove debris from pool, ect… during a hurricane.  Please wait until after the storm has passed to make any water adjustments.  We will need to rebalance every pool after the storm to get them back on track, to help us with time and to save yourself some money, remove any large debris from your swimming pool after the storm passes.

4.  DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN THE POOL THAT DOESN’T BELONG: Do NOT put lawn or patio furniture in your swimming pool, we will not be responsible for removing these items and you could cause damage to your swimming pool surface such as surface chipping and staining.  This is just a bad idea, nobody knows where the it came from, so please don’t do it.

5.  CHEMICALS or LACK of CHEMICALS: Please understand that every pool will need to be chemically evaluated after the storm and rebalanced, it’s generally safe to swim in the pool with little or no chlorine however be mindful that algae can grow quickly with warm weather,  lack of sanitation, and no circulation.   Always rinse off before entering the swimming pool so no extra contamination is added to the swimming pool encouraging algae growth.  

6.  SALT POOL OWNERS: We know the low salt lights will be on for a week or 2 after the storm.  There is no possible way to add enough salt the first time on the first visit to get the pool 100%  balanced.   We ordered extra Salt and other essential chemicals to be prepared but understand it will take time as every pool will need almost every chemical in addition to salt.  Be patient, if you are an existing client you get the first priority.

7. STORM CLEANUPS: Depending on the severity of the storm, could leave some pools trashed with excessive debris that will take much longer than usual to make clean. Every pool will be assessed after the storm and may have a storm clean up fee (fee varies based on condition) to get straightened back out to normal maintenance conditions. Any pool that needs this will be discussed prior to cleaning to make sure the charge is approved. Very few pools needed this after Irma hit. 

Here is also a link to my podcast where I discuss what you can do for a major storm!

Hurricane Preparation Podcast

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