How long do I run my pool after adding chemicals?

So you added chemicals to your pool and you are not sure how long to run your pool timer after doing so. “Turn it off, 1 hour, 24 hours?? I’m so lost…”

In the industry it is recognized to have the pool run for 3 hours at a bare minimum up to 24 hours. 24 hours really is overkill but it’ll ensure the water is completely mixed with the chemicals.

“I added chemicals in the evening but my timer is about to turn off. Should I let it run for 24 hours?” You could, but as long as you are not dealing with algae there really isn’t a need to do that.

If you have an Intermatic timer then you could purchase an extra “off” tripper and place it 3-4 hours after your first “off” tripper. Remember, you can’t flip the timer to the point of just after the “off” tripper, it won’t allow it to turn on. So make sure you space the two “off” trippers far enough apart to make sure you get a solid 3 hours of run time.

If you have a digital panel, like the Jandy Aqualink, the majority of them have a program called “timeout” that will run the pump for 3 hours. If not, then you can manually turn the pump to allow it to cycle for 3 hours.

If you need any help on doing this we are here to help!

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