Costs of monthly service. Is cheaper better?

This post is inspired completely by a new client I have acquired this past weekend.

I received a call from a client who was incredibly frustrated with her current company. She wanted me to come out and look at her pool because it’s been green all summer, and she’s been paying for their service! I came out and took a look around and noticed immediately there were pounds and pounds of sand in the pool, like someone tipped over a sandbox into the pool. She didn’t know where it was coming from and asked if I could clean it up. Of course I agreed. While I was testing the water she said she doesn’t see her current company test the water and I spent more time testing the water than they do for their entire visit. Hold that thought!

So I started vacuuming and noticed immediately the sand was coming right back into the pool. In two minutes of vacuuming the pool was a dust storm. So much so you couldn’t see the bottom of the shallow end and forget the deep end. I was very obvious what was happening. I called her out and asked if her current pool company has done anything with the filter lately, or at all. She said they had back washed it (D.E.) last week and that was it. She said it has not been cleaned out in years.

After she got done stating that I told her she more than likely had a broken grid or manifold. So off to the filter I went.

I took off the lid and noticed immediately the manifold was busted and the screen was broken and missing. On top of that there was algae plastered all over the grids, so it hasn’t been back washed recently. I pulled the grids apart, one by one, and the last one had a huge gash in it. I showed her this is what her problem was. Long story short I replaced the broken grid and manifold and recharged the filter. Problem solved, no more issues. She now has a pool filter working correctly. I then vacuumed the sand to waste and now her pool is cleaned up and looking great.

She told me, “You found the issue in 5 minutes and fixed my pool in an hour and my company has never figured it out in all the time I’ve had them here.” She was that fed up with it. While I was doing this I was wondering if she was going to want me to take over her pool.

Before I could finish the job she told me she called and fired her current company and I am hired for whatever I want to charge. She asked me what I want to charge and I said “X” dollars. I asked her what she is currently paying and she said it’s “X-20%”. Which leads to the point of this article…

You get what you pay for! Are the “savings” you get from a cheaper company really worth all of the headache and frustration? Someone who is only charging $60-$70 for service per month (This company charged a lot more than that) literally has to spend as little time as possible at your home in order to make anything. To tie into my first paragraph I spent more time testing the water than they spent vacuuming and whatever else they did. What you’ll get for that price is a lack of quality in service and your pool having ongoing problems.

So if someone is charging that little for monthly service…RUN FOR THE HILLS! 

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