All About Your Pool Light!

Fixing or repairing a dead pool light is somewhat of a touchy subject. You see, replacing a light bulb will always be a cheaper fix than replacing the entire pool light fixture all the way back to the junction box or transformer. Below are a couple of different avenues a consumer could take along with the pros and cons for each.

Fixing the Light

Fixing the light requires for you to pull the pool light up onto the decking.You take the light apart, drop a new bulb in, put it all back together and reassemble the light in the wall. That SHOULD work most of the time. The problem with this is you can slowly destroy your light without even knowing it until it’s too late. Have you ever seen a light that has water in it? More than likely that occurred from someone who took it apart in the past.

In the video below, you’ll see what I mean. When you take that factory seal apart you run a good risk of creating a drip leak that will slowly destroy your replacement light and/or fixture. Even a grain of sand will cause a drip leak over time. Also, over time the conduit can swell up and degrade the wiring.

Pros of Fixing the Pool Light:

  1. Fixing the light is definitely cheaper
  2. Less time consuming
  3. Other than turning the breaker off, you shouldn’t need to mess with any electrical wiring.

Cons of Fixing the Pool Light: 

  1. Could cause a drip leak that could corrode your fixture (that will need to be replaced).
  2. You more than likely will get a shortened life out of the light (due to #1)
  3. You can possibly damage other parts of the light fixture during the repair, such as dropping and cracking the lens.

Replacing the Pool Light

Replacing the entire fixture of the light is the route I often urge my clients to go. Does it cost more money? Sure, but it virtually guarantees you will have a light that lasts much longer, you’ll have an actual warranty on the pool light and you’ll know that nothing will creep up on you a few months down the road and leave you in the dark. This is also coming from hundreds of quotes where people are asking me to repair the pool light when the housing is full of water.

Other than the cost one of the major downsides that is can get the light pull stuck somewhere underground.

Pros of Replacing the Pool Light:

  1. Everything will be factory new from the fixture all the way to the junction box or transformer, wiring included.
  2. You will receive the full factory warranty, which varies depending on the pool light you choose.
  3. You can virtually eliminate a possible drip leak that will kill a replaced bulb in no time.
  4. It gives you the opportunity to upgrade to an LED light if you don’t already have one.

Cons of Replacing the Pool Light:

  1. It is more costly without question.
  2. You will have to mess with electrical wiring.
  3. You can get the light pull stuck underground.
  4. It does take more time than just replacing a bulb.

This is of course my opinion and there are several schools of thought on this. My thing is, why take risks of repairing something that more than likely you’ll have to come back out six months later to fix again. Work smarter, not harder. If you have any questions you can always contact us for help or get answers to your questions.

Below is a video I put together showing you how to replace a pool light from start to finish.

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