How to Program a Pentair SuperFlo VS Pump or Sta-Rite SuperMax VS Pump

Wait… what do I push now??

Did you get your new SuperFlo or Supermax variable speed pool pump installed but not sure how to program it? Well, you’re in luck. This blog is about these two pumps in particular; the Pentair SuperFlo VS pool pump and Sta-Rite SuperMax VS. Both look identical, operate and are programmed in the same exact way.

In order to start programming you need to make sure the system is off. In the black area near the Pentair logo in the bottom left hand corner you’ll see a “start/stop” button. Make sure its in “stop” mode. You’ll recognize this because the led light next to the “start/stop” will not be lit. Now you’re able to program the pump.

To set the time:

  1. Hold down display until you see “12hr” flashing.
  2. Select 12 or 24 hour using the up and down arrows. (24 hour will not have AM/PM)
  3. Hit display to save and move onto the time setting.
  4. Set time using the up and down arrows. (if you have a lot of time to cover hold it down and it will cover the gap quicker)

To set speeds 1, 2, 3 and Quick Clean:

  1. To start with speed 1, press speed 1. It will have a starting time. Select your desired starting time with the up and down arrows. Speed 1 will be the only speed with a start time as the others run immediately after the duration is up, if you choose to do so. Press speed 1 again to save it.
  2. Now the RPM speed will be flashing. Select your desired RPM range with the up and down arrows. Again, if you have a large gap to cover hold down the arrow to get the desired result quicker. Press speed 1 again to save the RPM choice.
  3. Lastly the duration will be flashing. Choose your desired duration for speed one.
  4. Once you are done, go ahead and press speed 2 and repeat the process all the way through the quick setting!

Helpful Tips:

  1. It’s always a good idea to set your quick clean to 3 hours (similar to a “time out” mode for automation) The reason is after adding chemicals it’s a good rule of thumb to run the system for a few hours to circulate the chemicals. See where I’m going with this? So after you add chemicals, regardless to time of day or night, hit the “Quick Clean” right after the application and be worry free!
  2. If you have a suction auto cleaner you may want to fine tune one of the speeds specifically for that. Reduce the speed as much as possible that still supplies enough power to run the vacuum to function efficiently. Often times people will run the pump so low their cleaner will stay in place, then wonder why the floor isn’t clean.
  3. It’s generally a good idea to have the first 3 hours run near full power (3450 rpm is max) to get the water going and then have it run the majority of the day at a slower speed. This is demonstrated in the video.
  4. Use a turnover calculator to figure out how long you need to run the pump at lower speeds to still achieve the 1-1.5 turnover per day. That way you can maximize the savings while maintaining clean water. Here are Pentair’s Calculators. Have some fun!

Below you will see a video we created so we can teach the visual learners as well. We want to be your source for all of the pool pump programming needs you may have!

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