Pool Cleaning

Do you need help keeping your pool clean?

We can confidently say you are visiting the very best pool cleaning company’s in Pinellas County. Chlorine King is a Top 50 Nationally ranked pool cleaning company. We take pride in our cleaning services and our clients show it. When we arrive at your pool rest assured that all services will be performed to our high service standards before we depart your property. That’s our promise and we will never waiver.

Along with having a perfect pool, when we depart your property you will be fully aware of exactly what’s going on with your pool. A full and detailed report will be emailed automatically after we leave your property. The reports include things such as your chemical readings, status of your equipment, when it’s safe to swim, a detailed list of services performed along with a timestamped photo of your pool. You will never wonder what’s going on with your pool when you are a client of ours.

Please take a look below and see the list of our pool cleaning service options to see what is included. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us, and we can tailor a service plan to your needs but we find often times these are the best value for the services provided.

It's time to have fun again!

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