Jack’s Magic Stain Specialist Certificate

Becoming a Certified Stain Specialist by Jack’s Magic is a nice certification to have as a pool water cleaning service. This validates that the company understands stains and learns how to remove them. Did you know that you can actually cause more stains if you try to remove stains if the company does not know what they’re doing? So don’t let just anyone start treating your pool for stains.

There are all different types of stains that are caused from different sources. Treatments very too by the type of pool the stains are in. It really takes a professional to know how to treat the stains and preserve your pool and equipment.

Chlorine King Pool Service truly understands what causes stains and can resolve them quickly, if possible. If you need stains removed, let us know and we will be happy to come out and take a look!


Jacks Magic

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