The million dollar question. Clarifier or flocculant??

This is a great topic to discuss because a lot of people do not understand the difference or don’t do the process correctly for the way they decide to treat their water. Either choice is designed to help with cloudy water (dead algae, etc) and to clear it up. So let’s get started so we […]

Air bubbles coming out of your return jets? There’s an app for that!

No there’s really not an app for that, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express one night so basically I’m qualified…haha. Seriously though, if you’re having air bubbles coming through the returns of your pool it means somewhere, somehow, there is air getting into your system. But where?? There are a million ways/places […]

Product Review: Sweep Ease Pool Brush

The Sweep Ease brush is a solid upgrade to your standard nylon brush. Read below to discover how! Brushing can be physically taxing and make you tired. In some cases make you sore the next day if you clean enough pools. Brushing one pool isn’t a big deal. Doing 15-18 pools a day can wear out even the most […]

How To Clean Your Pool The Simple Way

I’m often asked for the correct procedure for cleaning the pool during my off weeks. This is how I clean pools. There are many ways to do it but this is how I do it to eliminate wasted movements, time or messing something up (i.e. brushing the walls before you vacuum and stirring up the […]

Product Review: Aqua Comb Cartridge Cleaner

This is a must have tool if you own a cartridge filter and here’s why. Remember the days of cleaning your filter element by removing it, sticking your thumb on the end of the garden hose and trying your very best to get your cartridge clean? Yea, I do to. However, there is a tool […]

The importance of correctly sized filtration equipment!

In order to keep your pool consistently clean and clear it’s imperative to have the correct size pool equipment. If something is not the correct size it could hinder the ability for the pool to stay clean and clear. Here’s a few examples out on my route. Both of these pool’s have issues. One particular […]

My pool turned green AFTER adding chlorine. Why is that?

joey clean pool

I’ve noticed this a lot on estimates. So much so it’s probably the most puzzling thing to people. They are perplexed why their pool turns green after adding a bunch of chlorine to the water. I’ll touch on a few reasons for why this happens. In fact the featured photo is a client’s pool that had […]

I just got out of the pool and have itchy skin

swimmers itch

Have you ever gone swimming and after you got out you had some itching on certain parts of your body, or in some cases, all over? It could be a wide array of things but lets point out some of the more common things along with some things that are not so common. Allergic Reaction: […]

How long do I run my pool after adding chemicals?

So you added chemicals to your pool and you are not sure how long to run your pool timer after doing so. “Turn it off, 1 hour, 24 hours?? I’m so lost…” In the industry it is recognized to have the pool run for 3 hours at a bare minimum up to 24 hours. 24 […]

Costs of monthly service. Is cheaper better?

monthly service

This post is inspired completely by a new client I have acquired this past weekend. I received a call from a client who was incredibly frustrated with her current company. She wanted me to come out and look at her pool because it’s been green all summer, and she’s been paying for their service! I came out […]

Uh, where did my water go?!?

Here in sunny Florida, evaporation is the default answer for water loss, and naturally so. The heat plays a huge role in water loss for pools here. Pools typically lose 1/4″ of water per day due to evaporation. Pools on the water (lakes, beach, etc) tend to lose a little more because the wind also […]

Strong Chlorine Smell in Your Pool?

Remember the days of going swimming and thinking of how good that chlorine smell was in your clean pool? When I was younger I always thought that a high chlorine smell was a good thing. It made me think that pool was very clean and sanitary. I loved smelling like chlorine for hours after I […]

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