Can’t read your salt level on your Hayward Aqua Rite panel??

Hayward aqua rite

I’ve had a few service calls recently where clients thought their salt cell panel was messed up or broken because they couldn’t figure out what their salt level was. As long as you’re LCD is working, don’t worry, your salt level is there. It just may be in another mode that you aren’t familiar with. […]

Product Review: SGS Instruments Salt/TDS/Temp Meter

SGS Instruments Salt/TDS/Temp meter is a must have if you have a salt pool or are a service guy. It’s very accurate and you don’t ever need to calibrate it. The first thing you’ll notice with this meter is the durable carry case. This will ensure that nothing bad happens to the meter in transit. […]

Air bubbles coming out of your return jets? There’s an app for that!

No there’s really not an app for that, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express one night so basically I’m qualified…haha. Seriously though, if you’re having air bubbles coming through the returns of your pool it means somewhere, somehow, there is air getting into your system. But where?? There are a million ways/places […]

Product Review: Purity Pool Fine Mesh Leaf Rake

Purity Pool truly sets the bar when it comes to leaf rakes. What I’m reviewing here is the fine mesh version. They have several different models and coarseness in their nets. You can check them out on their website to see their entire line. The first thing you notice about any of the Purity Pool […]

Product Review: Sweep Ease Pool Brush

The Sweep Ease brush is a solid upgrade to your standard nylon brush. Read below to discover how! Brushing can be physically taxing and make you tired. In some cases make you sore the next day if you clean enough pools. Brushing one pool isn’t a big deal. Doing 15-18 pools a day can wear out even the most […]

How To Clean Your Pool The Simple Way

I’m often asked for the correct procedure for cleaning the pool during my off weeks. This is how I clean pools. There are many ways to do it but this is how I do it to eliminate wasted movements, time or messing something up (i.e. brushing the walls before you vacuum and stirring up the […]

Product Review: Aqua Comb Cartridge Cleaner

This is a must have tool if you own a cartridge filter and here’s why. Remember the days of cleaning your filter element by removing it, sticking your thumb on the end of the garden hose and trying your very best to get your cartridge clean? Yea, I do to. However, there is a tool […]

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