All About Your Pool Light!

how to fix your pool light

Fixing or repairing a dead pool light is somewhat of a touchy subject. You see, replacing a light bulb will always be a cheaper fix than replacing the entire pool light fixture all the way back to the junction box or transformer. Below are a couple of different avenues a consumer could take along with […]

Pool Repairs – Why You Need A Pool Contractor

Pool repairs are skills most consumers thinks any pool guy or gal can do. In Florida, that is not the case. In this state, anything that requires a tool, requires a license. Technically speaking, you need a license to replace a pressure gauge on a filter. Pool repairs is something that you should seriously look […]

Pool Preparations For a Hurricane

Every time a hurricane comes around I receive questions about what should be done about their pool? So I’ve taken the time to compile a list of things that can help get your pool and its equipment through the storm! Please read below! 1. DRAIN YOUR POOL BUT DON’T GET CARRIED AWAY: Before the storm, […]

Why You Need A Pool Pro To Check Your Swimming Pool Equipment

One of the most common things I see on estimates is swimming pool equipment either undersized or not working correctly. Both result in a pool that is working less than optimal. A pool pro, a real pool pro that understands circulation (not a pool guy you found on craigslist) will truly help you understand how […]

Why Pool Inspections Are So Important!

Pool inspections are unnecessary because my home inspector inspects the pool. So I don’t have to worry about anything…right?  I wouldn’t depend on a home inspector to know the intimate details of a swimming pool and it’s functions just as I wouldn’t know everything to look for during a vehicle inspection. For the most part, […]

Should You Run Your Pool Pump During the Day or Night?

This is a question that I get quite a bit. Should you run your pool pump during the day or night? I get clients that move from places like California where there is quite a bit of difference between running your pump at nighttime versus the day. Places like that often offer a significant savings […]

What to do About Calcium Hardness?

Calcium Hardness Calcium hardness is really important to make sure it is in check along with every other one. Calcium hardness is essentially the measure of how soft or hard your pool water is. The calcium reading you get when you test is how much calcium is dissolved in your pool water, in parts per […]

How to Prepare Your Swimming Pool for a Major Storm

With the big hurricane that just came thought I had a lot of clients asking me what for their swimming pool storm preparation. With the inability to predict rainfall it is NOT recommended to drain your pool, regardless of your location. The lower you drain your pool the higher risk you run of your pool popping […]

How to program a Sta-Rite SuperMax VS Variable Speed Pool Pump

Not sure how to program your new Sta-Rite swimming pool pump? Well, that’s what this Chlorine King Pool Service blog is for, to help you. Here are the steps on how to program your Sta-Rite SuperMax VS variable speed pool pump. In order to start programming you need to make sure the system is off. On the pump panel near […]

Pool equipment sizing…and why it’s important

Swimming pool equipment sizing is very important, and I’m finding the more backyards I get into the more issues I find. It’s ultra important for licensed contractors to make sure they are installing the right sized equipment when putting a new piece in. It’s our duty to do so. It not only makes the home […]

How to Program a Pentair SuperFlo VS Pump or Sta-Rite SuperMax VS Pump

Wait… what do I push now?? Did you get your new SuperFlo or Supermax variable speed pool pump installed but not sure how to program it? Well, you’re in luck. This blog is about these two pumps in particular; the Pentair SuperFlo VS pool pump and Sta-Rite SuperMax VS. Both look identical, operate and are programmed in the […]

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