Why You Need A Pool Pro To Check Your Swimming Pool Equipment

One of the most common things I see on estimates is swimming pool equipment either undersized or not working correctly. Both result in a pool that is working less than optimal. A pool pro, a real pool pro that understands circulation (not a pool guy you found on craigslist) will truly help you understand how […]

What to do About Calcium Hardness?

Calcium Hardness Calcium hardness is really important to make sure it is in check along with every other one. Calcium hardness is essentially the measure of how soft or hard your pool water is. The calcium reading you get when you test is how much calcium is dissolved in your pool water, in parts per […]

All About Alkalinity

Alkalinity Alkalinity is one of the major components to balanced swimming pool water. Let’s take a closer look to what it is, what it does and how to adjust it. Alkalinity is a close cousin to the pH. Often times you can relate alkalinity to the pH. In other words if the alkalinity is low […]

Phosphates: What they are, what they do and what to look out for!

Are phosphates causing issues in your pool? Do you know what the signs of phosphates are? More importantly, does you swimming pool cleaning service understand how to treat the issue? If you said “NO” to any of those questions, please read on so you can learn a little bit about it! What are phosphates? Phosphates […]

How to Clean Up a Green Pool

If you are looking for how to clean up a green pool then you are in the right place. This is how Chlorine King cleans out the pools he’s hired to do. Below is a video on how he does it! Here’s some bullet points for how we clean up a green pool. Day 1 Check […]

The million dollar question. Clarifier or flocculant??

This is a great topic to discuss because a lot of people do not understand the difference or don’t do the process correctly for the way they decide to treat their water. Either choice is designed to help with cloudy water (dead algae, etc) and to clear it up. So let’s get started so we […]

How To Clean Your Pool The Simple Way

I’m often asked for the correct procedure for cleaning the pool during my off weeks. This is how I clean pools. There are many ways to do it but this is how I do it to eliminate wasted movements, time or messing something up (i.e. brushing the walls before you vacuum and stirring up the […]

The importance of correctly sized filtration equipment!

In order to keep your pool consistently clean and clear it’s imperative to have the correct size pool equipment. If something is not the correct size it could hinder the ability for the pool to stay clean and clear. Here’s a few examples out on my route. Both of these pool’s have issues. One particular […]

My pool turned green AFTER adding chlorine. Why is that?

joey clean pool

I’ve noticed this a lot on estimates. So much so it’s probably the most puzzling thing to people. They are perplexed why their pool turns green after adding a bunch of chlorine to the water. I’ll touch on a few reasons for why this happens. In fact the featured photo is a client’s pool that had […]

The sky is cloudy… “No, I mean your pool!”

Cloudy pool water is a puzzle that a lot of people can’t figure out. People spend tons of money at the pool store looking for a “fix all” bottle of magic (usually clarifier or floc) and unfortunately it is only a band-aid. You will continue to have cloudy water until you address the root of […]

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